Water X - Track Waterproofing
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Water X - Track Waterproofing

The WATER X - TRACK is a hybrid waterproofing system that can lower water-tables below foundation. Lower than any other waterproofing systems available . In addition to lowering the water-table to as much as 4 feet below the foundation it is also the most affordable basement de-watering system available today! It can be installed in as little as two days in most cases. Has a minimal amount of dust residue, unlike conventional waterproofing systems that take five to seven days to install and cause a great deal of dust throughout a home and can be very inconvenient for the home owners while the work is being completed. These systems also cost much more. Many times a conventional waterproofing system will cost between $55.00 and 65.00 per linear foot to install!

Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing LLC ( ARW ) is the only installer of these systems. It is a direct result of what our customers has asked for over the years. We asked what they wanted, then listened to what they had to say. People wanted a waterproofing system that was affordable and would deliver the same results as a deep waterproofing system. For many years I didn't think it possible to deliver both in the same package. However, earlier this year while in prayer I found the answer. I believe God enlightened me so I could help folks that thought waterproofing there basement was out of reach financially. It no longer has to be using this system.

What separates this system from all the others is the SUMP PUMP BASIN. It is set to a depth of four feet below the foundation footer. From this a cone of influence is developed lowering the water-table. This lowers the water-table lower than any other known system on the market today. It consist of two sump pumps and a battery back up pump is optional. This system will work in about 90% of soil conditions. The only one that it will not work in are the heavy, harden clays.

The Basement WATER X - Track system is affordable. It will dry up your wet basement. We install through out the state of Indiana. Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing LLC developed it. We install it and we would be happy to quote you one today! (317 ) 443-6893 or email me directly at mike_bird@arwbuildsitright.com