Best Waterproofing Warranty from a waterproofing contractor
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Best Waterproofing Warranty from a waterproofing contractor

Okay... so industry has claimed ( almost every waterproofing contractor alive )for as long as I have been in the field that they have the.... LIFE TIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY! wow...must be good. After all it's lifetime. so people love to hear this and that it's transferable makes it even better! I wonder how many folks turn that contract over to read the terms and conditions of the warranty? I bet not many. They probably think that if the system fails things like their carpet will be covered. Their furniture and personal items will be replaced. They may even think the contractor will be straight up and replace the sump pump if it failed or the back up pump. I bet none of the above accrues!

If the system fails and you call your waterproofing contractor this is what's going to happen.
1. A service tech will be scheduled to evaluate the issue. Most likely you want get a visit from the owner or manager,
    unless of course it's a small outfit. When the tech arrives he will evaluate the sump pump, battery pump, and the
    system.  Note: You want get past the receptionist if their was a flood or wide spread power outage
2. He will tell you that your system is working fine. Will most likely flood it with water and watch it flow into the 
    sump basin.
3. He will wait for the sump pump to kick on and discharge the water. If it doesn't he will inform you if it is
    still under manufactures warranty. If it is he will replace it.... Hopefully with no service charge. If it isn't
    he will charge you for both the pump and the installation ( $300-$500 )
4. Next you will be devastated!!! Because you thought a failure would be covered and that your personal 
    items would be covered under the warranty. THEY WANT BE. The best you can hope for at this point
    is to look in your home owners insurance policy and hope you have coverage for either a sump pump failure
    or ground water intrusion.
5. You now have a lot of unexpected headaches. You will be dealing with you insurance company, a drying and
    water restoration contractor and having to fork out your $1000 - $2000 deductible.
    UNDERSTOOD IT. I know you was getting a deal. 

ARW - Waterpoofing Contractor Indianapolis IndianaYOU CAN AVOID ALL THIS NONSENSE! Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing has the best waterproofing warranty in the business. We 1st start with a system that is based around the long forgotten principle that waterproofing is about moving large quantities of water quickly and efficiently to a sump pump pump that can then keep up. Hence our ADVANCED HIGH CAPACITY SYSTEM.
WE then add onto this additional upgrades such as the... Advanced Text Alert....Complimentary down spout extensions. One or two battery back up pumps.. and a service plan to keep the system maintained. We warrant that we will cover your home owners deductible  ranging from $500-$1500 depending on the options you decide on. It's most likely not going to be cheapest version of a waterproofing system but it will be the REST. It will give you peace of mind.

Call the best waterproofing contractor in the Indianapolis, Bloomington, Columbus. and all of central Indiana. Call Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing today for a free estimate.