Waterproofing 101 / After the Down spouts & guuters have been corrected, Whats Next?
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Waterproofing 101 / After the Down spouts & guuters have been corrected, Whats Next?

Okay, I hope you read and took my advise on correcting your gutters and down spouts. If you have and you still have water coming into your crawlspace or basement the next thing to do is:
1. Make sure your sump pump is working properly. If you have a pump that has a separate float switch it is
     very simple to do. First, unplug the pump. There will be a piggy back plug. Unplug the top of the plug
     from the bottom of the plug and plug it directly into the outlet if you hear the pump kick on it is working
     properly. While it is running listen for any odd noises that sound like rocks grinding. If you hear this
     the sump pump will need replaced. Second, check the float by simply lifting it up and listen for it to kick on.
     If you have a pressure type pump, I would strongly encourage you to switch it out for a pump with a
2. Check for positive grade around the foundation. The grade should never sloop in toward the foundation.
     This allows water to set up in this pocket and move down your foundation. Maintaining positive grade
     around the outside of any foundation is essential in keeping water away from it.
3. CALL AN EXPERT! Once you have determined the gutter, down spouts, sump pump, and drainage is all good
     and working properly it is time to call me. You have more going on that can only be addressed by a pro.
     Don't call on just any one. Call Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing! A cosmetic system that sits on top
     of footer is not what you need. You need a REAL WATERPROOFING SYSTEM, that will relief the hydrostatic
     pressure that is below your foundation. We do this by installing the deepest, and widest system in the industry!
     We actually LOWER the water table.
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