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Waterproofing 101

        Okay, lets start at the beginning; water flows down hill, RIGHT?  Of course it does! So this is where we will start.
Your probably here because you have a wet basement or crawlspace. Maybe it's an ongoing problem or maybe it's something that just happened recently. No matter the reason , the first question we ask is, WHY? why do we have the problem, and what can we do to fix it? Waterproofing 101 will show you the most common reasons water shows up in the basement or crawlspace and then we will show you what you must do to eliminate it! In waterproofing 101 we will show you many types of systems that different companies install and allow you to be the judge of what is a "REAL WATERPROOFING SYSTEM" vs. a cosmetic fix at best. Waterproofing 101 is something every home owner should read before investing into any waterproofing system that claims to waterproof their residence!
         So let's start with the most common causes of water in the basement or crawlspace. The first place to look is the down spouts.  Are they extended away from the foundation?  I recommend a minimum of fifteen  feet for a crawlspace and twenty plus for a basement. We don't want to give the water a chance at all to enter back into or next to the foundation. In a rain storm the roof will shed alot of water. Ideally we want to move the water as far away from the foundation as  possible, given the circumstance of the location of the residence.
        Once the down spots have been examined and its been determined to meet the minimum requirements of the extension, the next place to look is the guttering. Is it all a attached? Is it large enough to accommodate the amount of water flow in a heavy rain storm?  Does it have gutter guards,  is it prone to leaf clogging?  Gutters should be maintained well!  If they become clogged, detached, or are not large enough for a heavy rain, they will over flow, allowing  water to discharge next to the foundation.  If this goes on over a long period of time, the foundation will deteriorate. In some cases it will collapse!
       These are the common sense things to do. It's the 1st step of many, in waterproofing your basement or crawlspace. I'll be posting the next step soon.  It's almost springtime, the rains are coming. I hope you take the time to move the water away from your foundation! If you don't , your next call may be to me, to do something about the water in your basement. WARNING - I'm not cheap! So take my waterproofing 101 course. It's free. If you do all I'm recommending, and you still have water problems, The only thing left to do is pay me to fix them. 
         I'll sign back in soon, to pass along some more secret knowledge from the waterproofing pros! ADVACED RESTORATION & WATERPROOFING
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