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Basement Waterproofing

          Basement Waterproofing is not a one size fits all deal. Many things can cause water to invade a basement and it takes a pro to sometimes to determine why.  Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing is the company in the Indiana area that will shoot straight with you. We aren't out to just sell you on a waterproofing system. What we do want to do is develop a long term relationship with you. We want you to call on us when you have restoration needs as well. Your basement is not just a one shot deal , as it is to most other Indiana waterproofing companies. We are an Indianapolis Indiana waterproofing contractor with integrity!
        So why does a basement leak?
1. The most common cause is hydrostatic water pressure. This is water that is in the ground that  surrounds the basement. When the water pressure rises it finds the weakest area to penetrate. Most generally that is the seam between the basement wall and the basement floor.
2. Gutters can add to the pressure as well if they are clogged. When they are dirty they can begin to overflow allowing water to build up next to your foundation.
3. Down spouts are a must and should be extended at least 15' away from the foundation.
4. It is important to have a grade that moves water away from your foundation.
           If all of these steps have been implemented then it is time to consider a foundation waterproofing system! Don't just choose any system. While some systems are designed to just do the minimum. Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing will install a waterproofing system that is designed to completely waterproof your basement and it comes with a life of structure transferable warranty. If your basement is wet, don't hesitate, just give us a call!  We will dry your basement out permanently.
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