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Water X - Track Waterproofing

The WATER X - TRACKis a hybrid waterproofing system that can lower water-tables below foundation. Lower than any other waterproofing systems available . In addition to lowering the water-table to as much as 4 feet below the foundation it is also the most affordable basement de-watering system available today! It can be installed in as little as two days in most cases. Has a minimal amount of dust residue, unlike conventional waterproofing systems that take five to seven days to install and cause a great deal of dust throughout a home and can be very inconvenient for the home owners while the work is being completed.

Angie's List " Published Article on Battery-Back-up pumps

Angie's List is without question the most powerful consumer advocate available.  The " Ask the Expert  " columns are excellent places to obtain important information about whatever it is your want more knowledge on before making a purchase of almost any thing. Attached is an important article about battery back-up sump pumps and alternative power.

hiring the best basement waterproofing company

So spring is finally arrived and with it so will the spring rains. Once again your mind races back to your beautiful finished basement or the unfinished basement that you want to finish but are concerned it will flood. You have did your research and did all the things that a prudent home owner would do. You have extended your down spouts, raised the grade, cleaned your gutters, had a battery back up installed but you still feel the tension every time it starts to rain. It's time to call in a pro.

Back-up sump pump options for Hoosiers, Buckeyes and Wildcats!

In waterproofing 101 I recently covered exterior drainage solutions and standard sump pumps. The next item of importance in basement waterproofing is the back-up sump pump. I'll briefly describe what options are available. First however, I want to emphasize that if you have valuables in your basement, just want to maintain a dry unfinished basement or crawlspace it is vital to have one or more back-up systems in place. This should be obvious but I want to leave nothing for chance. The greater the value of what you have the more it will be necessary to invest into a back up system of some type.

Indainapolis Indiana Foundation Repair

Stabil-Loc.pdf(PDF — 903 KB)
Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing is a service provider throughout Central Indiana Region. In addition to waterproofing wet basements we specialize in foundation repair. We are installers of the incredible Stabil-loc piering system for failed foundations. This is without question the best foundation piering system available. If you want your foundation repaired properly Stabil-loc foundation systems is the only piering system you will ever need.
Please visit www.

Know before your basement floods with Advanced Text Notification

The " ADVANCED TEXT ALERT NOTIFICATION" by Blue Angel Pumps should be in every home across America  that has a basement or crawlspace in it. This is the absolute best technology available on the market today to alert you if their has been a power outage or if the water is rising high in your pit so you can take action quickly. It can be installed easily in less than 15 min.

Just visit our PRODUCTS FOR SALE Page and orders yours today! 

You can visit you tube for a demonstration.

Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show 2014

March is Finally here and like everyone.... WE are more than ready for spring to arrive! with spring comes the showers and sometimes heavy thunderstorms that can produce heavy rain fall. Is your basement ready? can your waterproofing system handle it? do you even have a waterproofing system? Is your sump pump old  and worn out? what about your foundation.... Is it settling? NO NEED TO WORRY! Come visit us at the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show Starting March 8th and lasting through the 16th.


Best Waterproofing Warranty from a waterproofing contractor

Okay... so industry has claimed ( almost every waterproofing contractor alive )for as long as I have been in the field that they have the.... LIFE TIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY! wow...must be good. After all it's lifetime. so people love to hear this and that it's transferable makes it even better! I wonder how many folks turn that contract over to read the terms and conditions of the warranty? I bet not many. They probably think that if the system fails things like their carpet will be covered.

WATERPROOFING EDU - Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing

    WATERPROOFING 101                                                                                                                       Education on waterproofing will be beneficial to helping you make an informed decision on system requirements, investment costs, and the reliability of the product you are purchasing.