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  • Wet or flooded basement
  • Water seeping in at the base of an exterior basement wall
  • Basement wall is cracked and leaking
  • Basement floor has cracks and water is   coming up through them
  • Block wall is dark and wet
  • Block wall has a white  crystalline deposit on it ( Efflorescence )
  • Basement has a musty odor
  • Leaks around a basement window well
  • Molded and rotted base boards
  • Damp or wet carpet
  • Finishing your basement and want the peace of mind it will remain dry

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Our most popular and affordable Basement Waterproofing System is the 
                            WATER X - TRACK SYSTEM
  • High capacity system capable of removing up 7000 Gallons of water per hour
  • Every system has two 1/2 HP sump pumps installed 4 feet below the bottom of the foundation footer
  • Water table is lowered up to four feet away from the foundation
  • Deepest sump basin installed in the industry
  • Most installations can be completed in as little as just two or three days
  • Less invasive to our customers. Less dust. Completed quickly
  • No hidden cost that many times can accompany conventional systems due to harden concrete or non-typical soil conditions
  • The system can easily and economically be up graded with a battery back up pump or text alert
  • A  limited  life of structure warranty accompanies the the system and is transferable
  • The sump pumps are under a limited 2 year warranty and battery back up pumps are covered up to 1 year
  • Finally a waterproofing system that has all the benefits of a deep install at a fraction of the cost!

In some situations due to the condition of the basement floor, basement near a river or large body of water, extremely high water table, or harden clay soils and subterranean conditions that have large amounts of lime stone or other large rock it becomes necessary to install a High Capacity - Deep Installation system.  
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Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing offers three types of waterproofing systems. All of our systems are effective and designed with our customers individual needs in mind. Our most popular system is our WATER - X TRACK system. It can be installed in about 90% of all basements. It successfully lowers the water table up to 4' below the foundation, relieving hydrostatic pressure from below the slab and is our most cost effective system. In some situations due to certain floor conditions or soil conditions our HIGH CAPACITY system my need to be installed. This system relieves hydrostatic pressures and is recommended in situations where the X-TRACK system can't be installed. This system is slightly more expensive due to the nature of the installation.
We also offer exterior water management and waterproofing solutions. Water management is often recommended in conjunction with our waterproofing systems to help fight against both short and long term foundation deterioration. 
Exterior waterproofing is sometimes recommended and may be necessary to waterproof some foundations. Our estimates for repairs are free and our inspector will be able to explain which repair ARW is recommending and why. Give us a call today.